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Mibelle Biochemistry ~ Alpine Rose Active


BUCHS, Switzerland—Mibelle Biochemistry introduced Alpine Rose Active, a purified extract of organic alpine rose leaves, which inhibits the formation of carbonylated proteins and protects the skin against herpes occurrence. Its combats aging by protecting against skin protein degradation and virus adhesion. Alpine rose is one of the most typical and prominent Swiss alpine plants. It grows at high altitudes in acidic and nutrient-poor soils and has developed impressive strategies to protect itself against dehydration, and the attack of radicals and pathogens.

In collaboration with different universities, Mibelle Biochemistry has studied the properties of this plant extract for more than three years. The presence of a large number of interesting compounds could be determined in alpine rose leaves. Flavonoids such as taxifolin, having both antioxidant and antiviral activities were discovered. In order to offer a cosmetic active ingredient based on the alpine rose, Mibelle Biochemistry is developing its own plantations in the Swiss Alps in collaboration with organic farmers from the region and experts in the cultivation of alpine plants.

Several in vitro and in vivo studies showed the activity of Alpine Rose Active:

  • It inhibits the carbonylation of cutaneous proteins, an irreversible, unrepairable and age-related oxidative process induced by reactive oxygen species
  • It displays antiviral effects. Alpine Rose Active can thus protect skin proteins against damage induced by oxidative stress as well as reinforce its defense against pathogens.
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