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Cosmeceutical Report:  Green Beauty Products, Mineral Make-Up & More

Underwritten for a limited time courtesy of Inside Cosmeceuticals

Cosmeceutical Report: Green Beauty Products, Mineral Makeup & More

From developing better skin care products, to green beauty and mineralized makeup, the world of cosmetics and personal care products is constantly changing and companies are introducing many new and exciting products. This free report written by InsideCosmeceuticals.com writers will provide you with critical information so you can succeed in today's competitive marketplace.

Articles include:

  • Green Beauty, by Misha Hughes, XanGo LLC
  • Marine Ingredients Poised for Accelerated Development, by Steve Dillingham, Strategro International
  • The Chemistry of Better Skin Care, by Dana Perdue, CosMedix
  • Mineralize Your Makeup, by April Andress, Emani Minerals
  • The Baobab Fruit, by Jeanette Jacknin,M.D., JJMD Skincare
  • Modeling Can Improve Your Product’s Look, by George Fitzgerald, Ph.D., Accelrys


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