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Watermelon Seed Oil, Rose Oil Promote Healthy Skin


by Suzanne LeRoux

Described as a perfect skin oil by cosmetic artisans, and referred to as the “ultimate" heart note by perfumers, the oil of rose has been highly valued as a cosmetic and perfume by many cultures for thousands of years. Steam-distilled from fresh rose petals, just 1 oz. of pure rose essential oil requires 1,000 pounds of rose petals. Although organic Bulgarian rose oil costs around $718 per ounce, its imposing cost does not easily dissuade those who have experienced its healing effects.

Rose essential oil is a 100-percent pure and natural product that is a mixture of more than 300 organic compounds, some of which scientists have yet to identify. The effect of these natural compounds cannot be reproduced synthetically (Note, although the Morrocan Rosa centifolia has a beautiful fragrance, it is the Bulgarian Rosa damascena that possesses the highest therapeutic value). To achieve the best results in skin care, look for Rosa damascena essential oil. The word “otto" is often used, too, which simply means steam-distilled.

Rose oil can be used for virtually any skin type. It is particularly rejuvenating and healing for dry, sensitive and mature skin. Rose oil contains powerful, yet natural, anti-aging ingredients that regenerate and tone the skin. Rose oil also has mild astringent, calming and anti-septic properties. Although it possesses countless therapeutic qualities, the most notable feature of rose oil is its ability to reduce redness, and to heal and prevent broken capillaries. 

Vitamin B3, a key ingredient in the rose plant, helps to keep the skin free of broken veins by aiding in circulation and chasing away free radicals. In addition to vitamin B3, roses are also rich in quercetin, polyphenols and carotenoids, which are antioxidants that inhibit inflammation and swelling, strengthen capillaries and inhibit the breakdown of elastin, helping to keep skin supple.  Broken capillaries and red, inflamed skin are can be soothed with pure organic rose oil used in commercial products, such as the organic Bulgarian rose oil in One Love Organics’ Youth Springs Eternal Youth Preservation Serum.

Finally, rose oil is the ultimate heart note in perfumery and is traditionally regarded as one of the world’s most potent aphrodisiacs. Interestingly, the tannins found in roses have been found to actually help harmonize hormones, regulate the menstrual cycle in women and increase the sperm count in men. Rose oil is considered the premier oil for treating conditions of the reproductive system for both women and men. Maybe the attraction to roses is more than olfactory. 

When using a valuable essential oil, formulators need the perfect carrier oil to complement it. A pure, cold-pressed plant oil is best. Plants are born in the soil and raised by pure sunshine, so their complex and life-giving forces cannot be duplicated in science. Furthermore, the oil chosen will create a synergistic effect with the essential oil. In other words, the therapeutic values of both the essential oil and the carrier oil are raised when blended together. One particular oil—watermelon seed oil—has long been prized for its light texture, its moisturizing capabilities and its neutral aroma. 

Watermelon seed oil originates from the Kalahari Desert of Africa and is also referred to as Ootanga or Kalahari oil. The oil is cold-pressed from sun-dried watermelon seeds extracted from the rinds of melons. Watermelon seed oil is rich in vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids (EFAs)—so rich in fact, that some consider the oil to be an “active" ingredient in its own right. Once produced, the oil has a good and stable shelf life.

Watermelon seed oil, light and non-greasy, melts effortlessly into the skin and is a safe choice for all skin types, including dry, oily, acne-prone or maturing skin. Watermelon seed oil provides nourishing moisture but does not clog the pores, so it is great for balancing the skin. The array of potent vitamins and minerals contained in the oil feed the skin and help it flourish. Finally, the high content of EFAs helps to restore and maintain the skin’s elasticity. 

Efficient detoxification is critical to overall health. How can watermelon seed oil aid the body in detoxification? Unlike mineral oil and other petroleum-derived ingredients, watermelon seed oil does not clog pores or prevent the body from naturally eliminating toxins through the skin’s pores. Skin, the body’s largest organ, is also one of the body’s major detoxification systems. Toxins are eliminated naturally through the skin via sweat. When oils that can clog the pores are used on the face and body, toxins cannot escape. Trapped toxins can lead to an overall lack of health and, possibly, topical skin irritations and infections. Replace any petroleum-derived products with watermelon seed oil-based formulations and experience the difference. 

Two of nature’s most precious gifts—rose essential oil and watermelon seed oil—are both effective ingredients for use in skin care products, and offer a natural alternative to synthetic fragrances and petroleum-derived ingredients, respectively.

Suzanne LeRoux is the founder of One Love Organics. LaRoux is a huge believer in alternative healing – so much so that she decided to formally study holistic nutrition, herbs and aromatherapy in addition to her day job as a lawyer. She began to research ingredients and product formulations, and through these studies, One Love Organics was born. After five years of moonlighting as a beauty alchemist, LaRoux took up the cosmetic arts full time.

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