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BioCell Collagen II® Improves Facial Aging


NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.—BioCell Technology LLC completed its first human skin study of BioCell Collagen II®, a naturally-occurring matrix containing hydrolyzed collagen and highly bioavailable hyaluronic acid,  in women who have undergone natural and UV-intensified aging processes. In broad brushstrokes, the study demonstrated the safety and efficacy of BioCell Collagen II in improving a variety of aging-associated facial effects measured both qualitatively and quantitatively.

The outcome of previous studies on BioCell Collagen II demonstrated an excellent safety profile and efficacy in bioavailability, increased levels of hyaluronic acid and inhibition of hyaluronidase, providing more turgid, hydrated and supple skin. BioCell Collagen II has also been shown in human clinical trials to reduce joint discomfort and stiffness as much as 40 percent in eight weeks.

The new study investigated the effects of BioCell Collagen II on diverse parameters relevant to aged appearance of the facial skin, including dryness, wrinkles, deep lines and collagen content. BioCell Collagen II’s multi-layered mechanisms of action have been shown to synergistically antagonize the skin-aging process and promote younger-looking appearance with better hydration, higher collagen content, reduced wrinkle counts and shallower line depth. As a result, a majority of the study participants experienced a remarkable improvement in skin texture, together with hydration, reduced scaling and improved blood microcirculation.

Joosang Park, principal investigator of the research team, said the details of the study will be published in the near future. Park, who conducted research at Harvard Medical School for many years, applied the rigorous standards of pharmaceutical research and practices to nutritional ingredients.

“The extraordinary fact about this study is the subjects took BioCell Collagen II orally for skin beauty;" Park said, “This was not a topical study, meaning BioCell Collagen II is not only a true nutraceutical, but that it can offer less wrinkles, increased collagen and supple, hydrated skin by working from the inside-out. This and earlier studies demonstrate BioCell Collagen II can support the skin dermis collagen network containing collagen types I and III as well as collagen type II in the joint. I’m encouraged about these findings and that it adds to the portfolio of research that makes BioCell Collagen II a nutricosmetic substantiated by multiple human studies."  

Asma Ishaq, vice president of marketing and Park will present the data and discuss the research at the upcoming Nutricosmetic Summit 2011 in Las Vegas. The conference focuses on the emerging and rapidly growing nutricosmetic segment of the dietary supplement industry, which is a direct result of a growing acceptance of younger people investing in anti-aging measures and more so by 11,000 Baby Boomers turning 50 every day. This trend will continue for the next 10 years, and by 2012, 50 percent of the entire U.S population will be older than 50. 

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