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Clariant Launching Youth-Focused Guide for Personal Care Products


MUTTENZ, Switzerland—Clariant is launching a new youth-focused guide of recipes for personal care products at in-cosmetics 2011. Its new “youth concept" offers sophisticated answers to the most common beauty and lifestyle issues affecting this market. It enables solutions to acne, oily skin, hydration, dandruff and sun protection to be integrated into skin and hair care formulations, while formulators can give decorative cosmetics a level of shine and brightness to reflect the joie de vivre of young people.

The concept covers a broad range of ingredients suited to the sensitivity of young skin, including those with natural origins, for optimal mildness and skin-friendliness. As a result, the tactile feel, appearance and effectiveness of skin and hair products, as well as decorative cosmetics, can be maximized to leave a refreshed sensation on skin and hair, and a naturally appealing radiance.

Highlights from the latest product innovations at Clariant’s in-cosmetics 2011 booth N40 include vegetable-based products, shine-enhancing emulsifiers, rheology modifiers which provide superb skin sensorics and sulfate-free rinse-off agents. They address young people’s concerns for the use of “healthier" products with fewer or no preservatives, more natural ingredients, and less environmental impact. Products include:

Hostapon® SG: a novel amino acid surfactant for sulfate-free rinse-off products, such as shampoos, body soaps, facial cleansers and shaving preparations. Based on glycine, the amino acid of human collagen, it belongs to Clariant’s EcoTain range of natural and sustainable materials.

Silcare® Silicone WSI: a water-in-oil / water-in-silicone emulsifier for body lotions and creams, sunscreen formulations and decorative cosmetics.

 Velsan® SC: a 100percent natural, synergistic aid that supports the cosmetics industry’s move toward fewer preservatives in formulations, Velsan SC boosts the performance of classical listed preservatives, for example aromatic alcohols or organic acids. As a result, it decreases the overall amount needed for safe preservation.

 Aristoflex® range: Clariant’s skin-care polymers Aristoflex AVS, AVC and HMB give an extra pleasant non-tacky skin-feel on top of their fast-breaking, refreshing effect, which is especially appreciated by young customers.

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