The Beauty Co. Launches Beauty Product Testing Portal


WASHINGTON—Did you know … 95 percent of new beauty product launches fail in the first; 93 percent of women look for efficacy claims before purchasing a beauty product; and 86 percent of women make beauty buying decisions while standing at the beauty counter? The Beauty Company's (TBC) new Beauty Product Testing Portal, fueled by its Industry Claim Matrix—a comprehensive tracking system that monitors current self-perception beauty claims being used in the market today—was designed to help beauty companies develop product efficacy claims, before and after photos and more.

“We track what brands are saying in-market on a regular basis so that when it comes to crafting your claims, we know what white space to explore, and how to set stand apart from the competition," said Kate Helfrich, vice president. "In addition, we work with the consumers to garner the best-in-class testimonials, product reviews and before/after photos that can then be woven into every aspect of your branding platforms/collateral."

Alisa Marie Beyer, founding partner and CEO, added: "For the past three years, we have been building significant expertise in the beauty product testing category including claims development, consumer testimonials, consumer reviews, and before and after photography. In that time, we have tested more than 560 products, and generated more than 13,000 claims, testimonials and product reviews, and before/after images. Results from our Beauty Product Testing Groups are being used on home shopping, in national beauty advertising and at hundreds of retail outlets."

Visit the Portal to received a free copy of TBS's latest PinkAlert—Truth or Serum?—an in-depth examination of which in-market, anti-aging serum self-perception claims are leading the way and winning with consumers, and which aren’t.

Some key highlights include:

  • The top functional benefits she is expecting her serum to deliver
  • What she considers to be the most appealing in-market claims for a range of functional benefits
  • What she really thinks about the claims from one of the most lauded in-market brands today
  • Which brands have cracked the claim code, and more

Drawing from The Beauty Company’s proprietary PinkPanel™, TBC is able to create a highly customized and targeted consumer panel to test your brand or product. “Our PinkPanel includes women from all across the country and even around the world," said Katherine Sutton, PinkPanel manager. “Just like any other brand element, great consumer claims have to be built. The depth and breadth of the women in our panel allows us to hand-build the exact mix of consumers you want by customized parameters: her favorite products, where she shops, skin type, product usage—even hair color if you want."