Naturex Foundation Projects Showing Promise

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AVIGNON, France—Naturex has continued to improve the living conditions of the communities where it sources its raw materials through the Naturex Foundation. In Morocco, the foundation supports the Enfance Magreb Avenir (EMA) association that works to provide educational support for disadvantaged youth. Naturex has refurbished a school that educates 1,500 student near its factory in Casablanca. The renovations sustainably improve the school environment and maintain the involvement of the teaching staff to reduce absenteeism and promote access to education.

In Dehra Dun, India, Naturex has helped with installing new farms and strengthening local resources with more than 100 growers receiving material donations and training courses. Twenty-five lemon grass growers are supported by advisers and benefit from demonstrations. The success of this operation has led to a similar project in the neighboring area of Panchayat de Masraspatti. This operation targets four villages in the aim to establish new farms by the end of the year.

Other projects in Morocco and Peru started in 2008 are still on-going. In Morocco, 10 young farmers are continually supported by Agrisud in the running of their businesses. In the Peruvian mountains, partnership with "Kalysayas Out Reach" in Ninacaca contributes to maintaining the dispensary and the dental office, along with IT courses given to children in the internet center.