The Beauty Company Launches HerVoice™


WASHINGTON—The Beauty Company (TBC) launched HerVoice™, a consumer-engagement program designed to get consumers talking about beauty in a completely new way online. “No one talks to more women than TBC," said Alisa Marie Beyer, founding partner and CEO, The Beauty Co." After five years of listening to their feedback on everything from names to taglines to packaging to formula fragrances, we realized we had a real opportunity to engage these consumers on an intimate level to help brands gain critical consumer input on their brands and product offerings, as well as create extended brand awareness, excitement and loyalty among online consumer networks."

HerVoice will inspire and motivate women to not only start talking about your brand, but to inspire and engage other women, as well as key beauty players in the industry. It employs social media, blogs, online discussion rooms and live-chats, product reviews, Twitter campaigns and more to penetrate the vast web of online social networks.

“HerVoice is going to go much further than traditional social media campaigns," Beyer added. "Drawing from our expansive Pink Panel of beauty consumers who have tried and tested hundreds of products over the years, we create a customized group of ‘brand advocates’ for each panel. These advocates then engage their own personal networks, as well as consumers the world over, in discussions about your brand and specific products, driving awareness, interest, excitement, and making sure your brand is part of her daily conversation."

Highlights of the HerVoice™ Program include:

  • The TBC Pink Panel has access to more than 20 million critical female beauty consumers from which to create your unique "brand advocate" panel.
  • In order to become a panelist, consumers must have participated in TBC’s proprietary Consumer Trial Group (CTG) where they have tested, tried and rated your products for a minimum of one day up to four weeks.
  • HerVoice panels run for 90 days to guarantee rich consumer on-line penetration and interest.

Running in two phases, the entire HerVoice program is designed to maximize brand visibility with the consumers who matter most, as well as industry influencers, insiders and decision makers. “What’s different about our program is, we hand-select each panelist," noted Beyer, “They are real women, who have personally used, tried, tested and rated products through one of our Consumer Trial Groups. HerVoice panels are only going to be made up of consumers who are familiar with the brands they are talking about so they can truly be the authoritative ‘voice’ for brands to engage other consumers, as well as beauty insiders."

To drive interest in the panel and fuel the on-line discussion, the HerVoice program will employ the latest thinking in online communication to create buzz and interest including sampling programs, Tweet parties, YouTube video testimonials, exclusive coupons and sales. “Our goal is to kick-start conversations and build relationships between brands and consumers, and then leverage the power of social media networks and relationships to further increase brand presence in the marketplace. These days, consumers want to know what their friends are doing, using, thinking, wearing and most importantly – buying, and the first place they go to find this out is on-line. With HerVoice, now your brand can be part of that conversation on a daily basis," said Kate Helfrich, vice president.