Dow's EcoSmooth™ Satin Receives Innovation Award


SHANGHAI—Dow Personal Care received the 2012 China Personal Care & Cosmetics Innovation Award for EcoSmooth™ Satin conditioning polymer at PCHi 2012.

“The CPCCIA award for EcoSmooth Satin conditioning polymer illustrates Dow’s industry innovation, technology excellence and dedication to customer success," said Lionel Genix, global marketing manager for Dow Personal Care. “Dow is continuously investing in R&D and works closely with customers to meet the current and anticipate the future consumer demands of the personal care industry. The cationic compatibility of EcoSmooth Satin allows formulators to develop soap-based body washes that offer conditioning properties."

Unlike conventional cationic conditioning technologies, EcoSmooth Satin is compatible with the high pH environment of soap-based body washes and provides conditioning performance on skin. EcoSmooth Satin can also be used in conditioning shampoo formulations as an effective alternative technology to complement or substitute conventional conditioning technologies at attractive price levels.

“EcoSmooth Satin has heightened China’s personal care industry by creating new market opportunities for formulators while also enabling formulators to meet the current Chinese consumer demand for conditioning soap-based body washes," said Michael R Hay, president, Ringier Trade Media.