in-cosmetics Names Ingredients Shortlisted for Innovation Award


BARCELONA, Spain—in-cosmetics Barcelona, taking place April 17 to 19, 2012, announced the top nine ingredients that have been shortlisted for Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Award, which recognizes the development of a novel active or functional ingredient that combines science and product features that benefit manufacturers and end-users when compared with existing ingredients.

  1. Ashland Specialty Ingredients: Vincience™ BiotHAIRapy™ biofunctional, designed to help hair combat the effects of oxidative stress, resulting in healthier, fuller, younger looking hair. The ingredient name will be revealed exclusively at in-cosmetics.
  2. GATTEFOSSE: Gatuline® Radiance, a new anti-aging active ingredient that acts on skin microcirculation, improving skin nutrition and giving more luminosity and vitality.
  3. Ichimaru Pharcos Co. Ltd: Ougon Liquid B, which has a high inhibitory activity of CYP1B1 induction by tobacco extract. This can be used to block environmental stress factors including UV rays.
  4. IRB: Buddleja davidii stems G™, which contains 20 percent butterfly bush stem cells and a minimum 0.2 percent of cerbascoside, a potent secondary metabolite able to protect the skin against UVA damage.
  5. LIPOTEC: Hyanify™, an exopolysaccharide that's obtained through biotechnological processes from a marine bacterial strain, fights against dehydration and wrinkles.
  6. Mibelle Biochemistry: DermCom stimulates the communication between epidermal and dermal cells to help boost collagen and elastin production.
  7. NeoPharm Co. Ltd: Atopalm Sebum Controlling Lotion, containing ADfence-P, a newly developed PAR-2 inhibitor, can reduce the sebum formation and inflammatory responses in skin.
  8. Rahn AG: LIFTONIN®-XPRESS, a skin-tightening active that contains a lyophilisate made from the microalga porphyridium cruentum with phycocolloids embedded in a film matrix made from natural polymers.
  9. Unipex Innovations: Lucas Meyer Cosmetics with Progeline™, a three amino-acids peptide biomimetic of a elafin, an elastase inhibitor produced by keratinocyte that helps to fight the aging process; and Adipofill™, a new anti-aging ingredient derived for vegetable glucose obtained by biotechnology. 

The Gold, Silver and Bronze winners of the Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Award will be announced at a drinks reception and awards ceremony in the Marketing Trends Theatre at on April 17 from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.