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Organic Monitor Hosting Sustainable Fragrance Masterclass


LONDON—The thorny subject of sustainable fragrances is the focus of Organic Monitor’s upcoming Natural Cosmetics Masterclass. Taking place in Paris on March 2, the Masterclass aims to unravel some of the major technical and formulation issues associated with sustainable fragrances.

Although there is considerable interest in sustainable fragrances, Organic Monitor finds the adoption rate remains low because of many sourcing and technical hurdles. Raw material availability, quality and stability are some of the major barriers to adoption. This new Masterclass will highlight the major hurdles associated with sustainable fragrances and propose potential solutions.

Organised by Organic Monitor, the masterclass comprises two sessions. The morning session will have papers from some key organizations involved in sustainable fragrances. The opening seminar will introduce the various types of sustainable fragrances in cosmetic applications. A review will be undertaken of the fragrance requirements of leading natural and organic cosmetic standards, including Cosmos, NaTrue and Ecocert. A spokesperson from the International Fragrances Association (IFRA) will then give details of the sustainability issues associated with fragrances, such as protection of endangered plant materials, supply fluctuations and societal issues.

A leading fragrance manufacturer will share its experiences in the development and commercialization of sustainable fragrances. The morning session ends with an update on the European natural cosmetics market, which is a driver of demand for natural & organic fragrances.

The afternoon session comprises a dedicated workshop titled “Developing Sustainable Fragrances." Judi Beerling, head of technical research at Organic Monitor, will explore the sustainable fragrance options available to product developers, formulators and manufacturers. A review is undertaken of the raw materials available, including the related sourcing, quality and cost issues. The applications, merits and drawbacks of organic, natural and nature-identical fragrances are discussed.

The interactive workshop will give insights on the challenges associated with sustainable raw materials, and how the raw material palette is evolving. The workshop leader will explore solutions to the technical and formulation issues involving sustainable fragrances. Topics to be covered include raw material provenance, sustainable sourcing, standards, odor variability, stability, safety and allergens. Participants will also have the opportunity to use raw materials to develop their own “signature" natural fragrance blends.

Organic Monitor has devised this Masterclass to highlight and discuss the major barriers associated with sustainable fragrances. Natural and organic cosmetic standards require certified products contain natural/organic fragrances; however, these bring many technical challenges. By exploring sustainable fragrance options and discussing practical solutions, the Masterclass aims to increase adoption rates.

Organized by Organic Monitor, this new Masterclass will take place at the Trocadero Business Center in Paris. Registration for this interactive training course is limited to 50 delegates. Since 2008, Organic Monitor has been hosting Natural Cosmetic Masterclasses and workshops at various international locations that include London, Nuremberg, Munich, Bologna, New York, Bangkok and Hong Kong.

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