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BioCell Collagen II® Rebrands Name, Logo


NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.— BioCell Collagen II®, BioCell Technology LLC’s flagship ingredient—a matrix of hydrolyzed collagen type II, hyaluronic acid (HA) and chondroitin sulfate—underwent a rebranding and is receiving a new logo and name—BioCell Collagen®.

The main change to the logo is a brand new font, which is specifically designed to be easier to read on a product label. The logo still maintains a strong resemblance to its predecessor, and even with the aforementioned changes customers of BioCell Collagen will still be greeted with the familiar capsule shaped logo and distinctive blue and white color scheme. The new logo is available to be used on licensed product labels and marketing materials immediately.

As more studies have been conducted on BioCell Collagen, its strong association between type II collagen and joint health has evolved and expanded. The completion of the first human skin study on BioCell Collagen was announced on June 23, 2011. The study suggested BioCell Collagen stimulates dermal fibroblasts, which are responsible for skin collagen (primarily collagen types I and III) production. Armed with this knowledge, the BioCell Technology team felt the name BioCell Collagen II limited its perception in the marketplace and failed to elucidate the ingredient’s full breadth of multiple benefits. Therefore, removing the “II" from the name is both a practical change, as well as a symbolic gesture. It turns the page on the first chapter of BioCell Collagen, one in which the focus was purely related to joint health, into a new era of looking to the ingredient as the answer for comprehensive connective tissue health.

Joosang Park, VP of scientific affairs at the company, details the scientific rationale behind the rebranding of BioCell Collagen. “It was well established that hydrolyzed collagen type II, a key constituent of BioCell Collagen, stimulated the biosynthesis of collagen type II from the cartilage-building chondrocytes, raising a possibility of cartilage regeneration by the ingestion of hydrolyzed collagen. The recently completed human skin study on BioCell Collagen showed a significant increase in collagen content in the skin dermis. This and earlier studies demonstrate the unique biological properties of BioCell Collagen to support the dermal matrix containing collagen types I and III as well as the cartilage containing type II. These findings add to the portfolio of research that makes BioCell Collagen a highly-differentiated nutraceutical substantiated by multiple human studies."

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