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Jusuru Life Blend™ Reduces Signs of Aging


ANAHEIM, Calif.— Daily supplementation with Jusuru Life Blend™ (fromJusuru International Inc.) for 12 weeks led to a significant improvement in a multitude of facial aging signs, according to the first human skin study conducted by the company. Jusuru Life Blend contains BioCell Collagen® (from BioCell Technologies), resveratrol and a polyphenol-rich fruit juice blend, and Jusuru noted the study found greater benefits could be realized from the combination of ingredients than from the functional ingredients alone.

The study, which enrolled 25 healthy women who had undergone both natural and UV-intensified aging processes, revealed the multiple physiological mechanisms that Jusuru Life Blend utilizes to reduce signs of aging, such as wrinkles, laugh lines and crow’s feet. Jusuru  said the results of the study included the dramatic reduction of skin dryness and a significant increase in dermal collagen. This translated into a significantly improved skin texture, and increased hydration and firmness on the subjects’ faces, which had undergone natural and photoaging processes. Jusuru Life Blend’s resveratrol and polyphenol-rich phytonutrients appeared to help fortify the skin beauty benefits shared with BioCell Collagen and to generate the additional benefit of significantly reducing facial melanin content, yielding a more even skin tone.

Another significant outcome from this study was that Jusuru Life Blend improved microcirculation under the skin, as indicated by significant increase in hemoglobin content in the dermis. Microvascular health has been linked to younger-looking skin because it leads to better cell nourishment and effective waste removal. Thus, improved microcirculation should support homeostasis in the skin, helping delay or counteract the appearance of various signs of aging.

 “We are dedicated to the scientific substantiation of our product to continue to lead the joint, skin and healthy-aging market," said Jusuru President Asma Ishaq. “Our formulation was carefully constructed to maximize the many benefits of its ingredients, and the results of the study affirm our knowledge that the complete product yields better results than the ingredients alone."

The complete study is currently undergoing publication in a peer-reviewed journal.

Jusuru Life Blend™ is a liquid nutraceutical formulated to provide three scientifically supported functional ingredients, including anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory resveratrol, a polyphenol-rich fruit juice blend, and the multi-patented ingredient BioCell Collagen, which is a naturally-occurring matrix containing hydrolyzed collagen type II and highly-bioavailable hyaluronic acid.

 BioCell Collagen has been substantiated via human clinical trials as a healthy aging ingredient that promotes both joint health and skin beauty. A human skin study conducted earlier this year showed that daily use of BioCell Collagen reduces wrinkles. Jusuru Life Blend™ is the exclusive liquid dietary supplement to contain BioCell Collagen®.

 In October, Ishaq will travel to Paris to the Beauty from Within 2011 international conference.

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