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Clariant ~ Youth Concept Hair, Skin and Nail Solutions


MUTTENZ, Switzerland—Clariant launched Youth Concepts, its new concept of youth-focused guide recipes for personal care and decorative cosmetics formulators. Youth Concepts provides answers to major issues such as acne and dandruff treatment, sun protection, and the desire for balanced skin or vibrant makeup. The concept covers a broad range of ingredients suited to the sensitivity of young skin to ensure optimal mildness and hair- and skin-friendliness. In addition, the guide recipes embrace young people’s preference for healthier products with fewer preservatives and more natural ingredients that have less of an environmental impact.

Many of the ingredients fall within Clariant’s EcoTain range focusing on naturally derived and sustainable products. Many of the products are approved by ECOCERT®, e.g., its Velsan® SC preservative booster, based on natural raw materials; and Hostacerin® SFO, a co-emulsifier for achieving a healthy skin feel for day and under-eye creams, sunscreens, based on vegetable, renewable and GMO-free sources.

Clariant’s Youth Concepts are formulated for males and females within the 14 to 25 age group. The range includes:

Skin Care

  • Balanced skin: Hostapon® CT paste provides a mild, creamy, dense foam for facial cleansers, shampoos and shower products that resists hard water for effective dirt removal and pore cleansing. It is suitable for oily skin, preventing skin shine.
  • Natural and fresh skin feel: Hostapon SG is an amino acid surfactant for EO-free and sulfate-free rinse-off cosmetic formulations, such as facial cleansers, shampoos, shower gels and shaving preparations. Based on the natural occurring amino acid glycine, it creates rich and creamy foams with high rinseability. Lastly, it is free of preservatives.
  • Anti-acne: Octopirox® is a multi-functional active that provides high efficacy for acne treatment. It is active against bacteria, yeast and mold. After four weeks usage of an emulsion containing 0.3-percent Octopirox, the amount of free fatty acids that support acne growth in sebum was reduced by 40 to 45 percent, showing much lower activity of microorganisms. It has an excellent toxicological profile and is non-halogenated.
  • Sunscreen: Aristoflex® polymers are easy-to-process rheology modifiers and polymeric emulsifiers for sprayable lotions, gels, gel creams and creams. They have a fast breaking effect on skin that creates a non-sticky, light and silky skin feel for sunscreens, self-tanning and skin whitening formulations, as well as offering thickening and texture enhancement for decorative cosmetics.

Hair Care

  • Anti-dandruff: Octopirox is a mild anti-dandruff active ingredient for shampoos and leave-on hair treatments. It works on the actual cause of dandruff by curing microbial growth. It is not chlorinated and offers an excellent toxicological profile. Its solubility in surfactants makes it suitable for clear products with no need for additional stabilizers.
  • Smooth hair: Genamin® conditioners give volume and body to the hair combined with a natural feel.


  • Gloss/shine: SilCare Silicone WSI is an EO-free water-in-oil/water-in-silicone emulsifier that gives decorative cosmetics a brighter and shiny look by enhancing the shine of pigments. The glossy finish it creates can make eyes and lips look fresher and brighter. The emulsifier adds a smooth and silky feel to formulations and helps to reduce tackiness, resulting in easy spreading and application for all kinds of body lotions, sunscreens and skin care products.


  • Visually-appealing shower and bath products: Aristoflex TAC creates new sparkling optical effects and stabilizes air bubbles or particles in shower or bath products even at low concentrations. The suspending agent for surfactant systems forms clear and stable gels with a yield force over a wide pH range. It is EO-free and is especially suitable for combination with bio-polymers, creating economic and easy-to-preserve formulations with excellent rheology.
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