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Babor ~ HSR® de luxe Anti-Aging Series


WEST PALM BEACH, Fla.—Babor launched three skin-care solutions in its HSR® de luxe Anti-Aging Series. The active ingredient, HSR Telovitin, fights skin aging at its source—cell vitality. When cell vitality diminishes it triggers a chain reaction that irreversibly sets all signs of aging into motion. HSR Telovitin stabilizes the telomeres, the end caps of the chromosomes, thereby increasing the lifespan of skin cells. Existing signs of aging, like large pores, pigment spots and redness, are reduced.

Additional active ingredients include HSR Lifting Integral Complex. It contains multitendyn, which stimulates the regeneration of collagen and elastin fibers to tighten supporting tissue. Liftolution lies on the skin like a net and tightens like a micro-lifting. Glyco-stop reduces wrinkles by preventing the saccharification of collagen fibers while the essence of black pear contains 20 vital amino acids and trace elements like zinc, selenium, lithium, phosphorus, iodine, iron and magnesium. In this balanced composition they sustain the skin’s functions and increase the effects of the HSR de luxe active ingredients.

Babor’s HSR de luxe Anti-Aging Series includes:

  • HSR de luxe ultimate anti-aging cream: This anti-aging cream with aloe vera provides moisture while hyaluronic acid binds it to skin. It contains natural oils such as macadamia nut, almond and avocado, as well as panthenol for smooth and supple skin. Vitamin E, HSR Lifting Integral Complex, HSR Telovitin and black pearl essence complete the active ingredients.
  • HSR de luxe ultimate anti-aging cream rich: This  anti-aging cream with shea butter for dry skin balances out skin’s hydrolipid layer. It provides moisture for dry skin from selected jojoba, almond and grape seed oils. Panthenol calms stressed out skin and vitamin E serves as an effective “radical catcher". In addition, it contains HSR Lifting Integral Complex, HSR Telovitin and black pearl essence.
  • HSR de luxe ultimate anti-aging serum: This serum has a long-lasting effect with a optimal dose of HSR. The serum can be used as a sole treatment for sensitive combination skin or oily skin. It calms skin with aloe vera. Squalane strengthens protective skin barriers, while almond oil and panthenol make skin smooth and supple. Vitamin E, an effective “radical catcher" completes the composition of active ingredients. In addition, it contains HSR Lifting Integral Complex, HSR Telovitin and black pearl essence.
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