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Artiste Flavor Essence, Bestino Join Forces

July 2, 2010 Comments

WALDWICK, N.J.—Artiste Flavor Essence and Bestino Natural Oils announced a strategic alliance for the Ipoh, Malaysia-based company to supply Artiste with a number of naturally derived fragrances and oils. reported on the partnership, which furthers Artiste’s existing business strategy of working with indigenous suppliers of fragrance and flavor materials.

Joe Raimondo, director at Artiste, was quoted as stating: “The relationship is a win-win for both organizations. Bestino gains a dedicated product representative in North America, while Artiste is able to secure regionally-exclusive access to a reliable supplier of premium fragrance ingredients.”

Bestino supplies a range of natural-based oils that can be used in a variety of personal care and related products. The company reportedly uses a proprietary process to produce its fragrance ingredients, which include items such as sandalwood, jasmine and vanilla oil. CosmeticsDesign reported Bestino sources crops from areas throughout Southeast Asia and India, and does its extraction in Malaysia.

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