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Vichy Skin Care Helps Menopause


NEW YORK—Vichy Laboratories, a European skin care brand conducted a study of 437 menopausal and non-menopausal women using Vichy's NEOVADIOL Gf anti-aging skin care system. The study measured skin care benefits and results, as well as improvements in self-esteem, social effect and overall state of health.  After four weeks of using the products, the study showed the average "quality of life" values for the menopausal group showed clear improvement and became closer to the values of the non-menopausal reference group: The results (based on a questionnaire given to 437 women in France and the United States: a group of 229 menopausal women (average age 57) applying NEOVADIOL Gf daily and a reference group of 208 non-menopausal women (average age 42) included:

  • A 21 percent improvement in self-esteem
  • A 31 percent improvement in social interaction
  • A 13 percent improvement in overall well-being

Within these scoring categories, more detailed results showed:

  • 49 percent of women enjoyed looking at their skin more
  • 39 percent felt more attractive
  • 42 percent felt less fragile emotionally

Quality of life questionnaires are used to evaluate and understand the impact of an illness and its treatment on different aspects of a patient’s life. Vichy Laboratoires developed a specific questionnaire for an anti-aging product based on this protocol. In doing so, they showed a product can have a positive effect on the skin of menopausal women, as well as have a positive effect on a woman’s psyche, and improving their day-to-day well-being while going through one of life's greatest changes.   

Vichy Laboratoires developed NEOVADIOL Gf to address the skin needs of women experiencing the effects of hormonal slowdown due to menopause. Its formulation utilizes a combination of Pro-Xylane + Proteic Gf to fight sagging skin, and the loss of density and moisture to visibly reveal a redefined jaw line, firmer neck and smoother lines. In a clinical test on 220 menopausal women, the following results were reported after using NEOVADIOL Gf2:

  • Plumper cheekbones with a 17 percent decrease in nasolabial folds
  • Refined neck with 17 percent less sagging
  • Re-profiled facial oval with 43 percent increase in tonicity


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