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Larenim ~ Anti-Aging Skin Care Products

November 29, 2010 Comments

LOS ANGELES—Larenim introduced its line of Dusk Til Dawn anti-aging products. The line contains no preservatives or common irritants, making it ideal for individuals with chemical or gluten sensitivities. Dusk Til Dawn Recovery was developed for those with blemished, rosacea and sun damaged skin types. This powder can be buffed onto the skin under foundation or as an overnight beauty aid. Formulated with clinical strength niacinamide which has been found to help repair damaged skin, improve the skin’s moisture barrier and dissuade acne and rosacea. Dusk Til Dawn Recovery also contains African kigelia which is reputed to promote tissue firming while maintaining a clear complexion.

Dusk Til Dawn Fresh Facial Masque is the ideal choice for those who wish to detoxify their skin. This powder mixes fresh with every use in distilled water or apple cider vinegar. Apply a thin layer to the skin, let dry, then rinse off. It’s perfect for all skin types.

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