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in-cosmetics Asia 2010’s Line UP

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BANGKOK, China—Hundreds of brand new personal care ingredients are set to take center stage when in-cosmetics Asia opens its doors to the industry next week, Nov. 2 to 4, 2010. Having recently expanded to accommodate more than 230 exhibitors, the show will introduce visitors to a selection of innovative product launches from some of the world’s leading cosmetic ingredient suppliers.

Ecocert and organic certified materials will be showcased alongside active and functional ingredients, preservatives and emulsifiers at the leading event in Asia for personal care ingredients.

Below is a selection of companies launching new ingredients and technologies at the show:

Arch Personal Care Products is introducing β-Gel™, an active moisturizing hydrogel which provides instant dryness relief during and after application, and enhances viscosity and formulation stability while promoting collagen synthesis.

Bestessen Natural Ltd. specializes in the manufacture and supply of xanthan gum for various functions in food, pharmaceuticals, personal care, cosmetic, household and institutional cleaning.

Chongqing Pellets Technique & Trade Co. Ltd. will be unveiling its color microcapsules, containing Nano-TiO2 and pigments. The product integrates foundation powder, sun protection and skin nutrition in one microcapsule making it a new concept for makeup.

CP Kelco Singapore will exhibit its line of natural hydrocolloids used to control rheological properties (texture, thickness and flow behavior) at every stage of a product's manufacture, storage and end-use.

Croda will unveil a new generation of liquid dispersion polymers. OptaSense RMA-IS gives rheology modification in o/w emulsions. It is easy to use and offers multiple performance benefits, including thickening and instant stabilization, emulsification properties as well as cold process manufacturing.

Dr Straetmans will showcase Symbio®solv XC and symbio®muls WO. The product consists of a mixture of surfactants and wetting agents that are all naturally derived and show an excellent performance in solubilization. It yields transparent solutions in aqueous formulations, thus making it invaluable for tonics or oral care products.

DSM Nutritional Products will be entering the hair care market at in-cosmetics Asia with the introduction of itsTILAMAR® products for hair styling, conditioning and shine. Significant R&D investment has enabled DSM to create a range of polymers. To strengthen the conditioning properties of hair care products, DSM will offer TILAMAR QUAT 640, an extra caring and moisturizing ingredient for shampoos, conditioners, treatments and colorants. DSM has also developed a new 100-percent pure-bead polymer product form, TILAMAR Fix A1000, to improve the performance of styling sprays, particularly aerosols.

ECKART, a manufacturer of pearlescent and metallic pigments for various fields of application, will present four new special effect products for cosmetic and personal care products; MIRAGE, a new borosilicate pigment showing an extraordinary deep blue color tone; SILVERDREAM, aluminum pigment dispersions for nail enamels; SYNCRYSTAL, pearlescent pigments based on synthetic fluorphlogopite for bright white effects; and VISIONAIRE, a new copper shade.

ID bio latest product, Papayaslim, a reshaping ingredient, activates the lipolysis phenomenon and helps to reduce the lipidic storage. The organic product will be incorporated into reshaping body gel or in firming creams.

IRB is an Italian biotech company focused on making plant-active ingredients from plant cell culture for the dermatological-cosmetic, nutritional, pharmaceutical and zootechnic sectors. The company will highlight its Buddleja Davidii stems, which provide effective and broad protection from photodamage and oxidative stress; and its Centella Asiatica Stems G, which improve skin tone and elasticity.

Lessonia is introducing Microzest 25 natural pigments, made from plants These pigments offer new possibilities for the color cosmetic and makeup market. Also new to the market will be Lycomega, a dermo-protective ingredient which provides a barrier against UV.

Olvea will be highlighting its cold-pressed argan oil from Morocco (Marogania). Containing exceptionally high levels of essential fatty acids (omega-6), argan oil also features very high levels of gamma-tocopherols, which boast excellent cosmetic application properties.

The Kerfoot Group is adding several new products to its line of essential organic oils, butters and waxes. The range is aimed at both the personal care and nutrition markets. New products include apple, blueberry, celery and guava seed oil. 

Uniproma Chemical Co. Ltd. specializes in sunscreens and Stable-VC Skin Lighteners. Its latest product is Sunsafe Complex A9, a photo-stable combination of UVA and UVB absorbers an inert solution.

 XenTech Co. Ltd. will launch an inorganic pigment composed of a base ingredient that has been improved with additional surface processes. The optical function pigments help to improve its characteristics while the color pearl pigment, which has been developed through innovative techniques, adds the finishing touch.

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