Expiring Cosmetics

September 17, 2010 Comments

It may be time to reevaluate your medicine cabinet and your makeup bin. In the same way the food in your fridge expires, your cosmetics expire. Cosmetics have a short shelf life, even with their preservatives.  Small amounts of preservatives are used in cosmetics and they don’t last long. What starts to happen is bacteria builds up and irritates the skin, which can cause inflammation and unwanted reactions. Helium.com suggested a few tips on reducing skin irritants when using personal care products:

Lather Up. Wash  those hands before apply makeup. And, instead of using your hands, which carry bacteria and germs, use an applicator to minimize the transfer of bacteria.

Don’t Share. Huh? Yup. Don’t share your cosmetics with friends and family. It just spurs bacteria transfers.

Buy Only What You Need. This way, your products don’t expire before you use them.