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‘Greening’ at Sustainable Cosmetics Summit


NEW YORK—From environmental impact and paraben-free formulations to ingredients from natural, sustainable, organic and/or Fair Trade sources, getting green(er) is on the top of the beauty industry’s list.

What? This year’s’ Sustainable Cosmetics Summit is focusing its efforts on green formulations and sustainable supply chains. Organized by Organic Monitor, the two-day summit—held in New York from May 12 to 14—gives attendees a chance to attend five sessions and a workshop on Formulating with Green Chemicals.

Where and When? New York from May 12 to May 14, 2011

Who? If you’re a cosmetic manufacturer, ingredient & raw material company, retailer & distributor, packaging company, certification agency, industry organization, academia & researcher, investor & financier or another stake-holder then this summit is for you.

Why? It’s an opportunity to hear speakers from leading natural cosmetic companies, large cosmetic firms, ingredient companies, packaging firms, industry associations, certification agencies and NGOs—including presentations from William McDonough, Ph.D., co-founder Cradle-To-Cradle Design, founding partner of McDonough & Partners; Jenny Rushmore, global sustainability director, Proctor & Gamble Beauty & Grooming; Mirran Raphaely, CEO, Dr. Hauschka Skin Care; Jody Villecco, Quality Standards Coordinator, Whole Foods Market; and more—discuss ethical sourcing, how to develop a sustainable supply chain, new regulations and standards in the beauty industry, consumer behavior toward sustainable beauty products and more.

The Agenda: The summit will open with session one—Pioneering Sustainability Initiatives in the beauty industry. Aveda will speak on the importance of sustainability to reduce the ecological and social footprints of beauty products. Henkel will also be addressing attendees in the opening session, discussing how it has been successful in receiving the Wal-Mart Sustainability Award two years in a row.

The second session—Sustainable Supply Chains—will address social impact. Beraca will discuss the role of ethical sourcing in alleviating poverty and environmental stewardship; and Dr. Peter Lovett from the USAID West Africa Trade Hub will highlight the positive impacts sustainable sourcing can have on African growers. Finally, a leading retailer will share its experiences in meeting consumer expectations for sustainable products.

The third session on Thursday is a roundtable debate with leaders and CEOs of major natural personal care firms—including Aubrey Organics, Weleda North America, Juice Beauty, Dr. Hauschka Skincare, Burt’s Bees and Yes To Inc.—to debate key challenges and give insights into how they are tackling critical business issues from rising consumer expectations, and natural and organic standards and certification to ethical partnerships and implementing sustainability programs.

John Replogle, CEO of Burt’s Bees, will open up day two with his opening keynote discussing rising consumer expectations and whether natural and organic beauty products are meeting consumer demand for sustainable products. After the keynote opening, the fourth session—Marketing & Distribution Innovations—will also cover the potential of biodynamic cosmetics, sustainable packaging, retailing innovations and opportunities in mass-market channels.

The final session—Green Ingredients & Standards—will provide an update on North American natural and organic beauty standards, including NSF ANSI 305, NPA and OASIS. Precise details, adoption issues of the new USDA bio-based personal care standard as well as the implications of the new Safe Cosmetics Act to cosmetic and ingredient firms are also on the agenda.

The summit closes with an interactive workshop on Green Chemicals. Judi Beerling, head of technical research at Organic Monitor, will discuss the formulation issues associated with replacing synthetic chemicals, such as parabens, emulsifiers and fragrances. The range of green chemical alternatives is explored, as well as their related technical issues. 

How? Register online at

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