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Frutarom Launches Oral Cavity Probiotic

October 13, 2010 Comments

NORTH BERGEN, N.J.—Frutarom USA launched BLIS M18, a patented oral cavity probiotic for complete oral protection. BLIS 18 provides advanced protection for the mouth and teeth. Developed from a specific strain of S. salivarius— a common and beneficial oral bacterium—BLIS M18 has been clinically proven to promote the health of the mouth and oral cavity by continuously supporting and increasing the underlying health of the teeth and gums, according to the company. It is an advanced probiotic, friendly bacteria that, used in conjunction with regular oral hygiene practices, can establish a healthy balance of bacteria in the mouth, and naturally protect the teeth and gums from oral and dental pathogens. Daily intake can aid in protecting teeth from bacteria known to cause tooth decay, while protecting teeth from erosion caused by high-acid foods and helping break up dental plaque, according to the company.

People often experience common problems in their oral cavity, such as dental cavities, bad breath or gum disease, all resulting from an imbalance of oral bacteria. Most people practice regular oral hygiene routines, such as brushing their teeth, flossing and using mouthwash to reduce the “bad" bacteria in their mouths and leave breath fresh. These practices, while important, provide only short-term results, and in some cases can actually disrupt the natural balance of beneficial microorganisms in the oral cavity.

“BLIS M18 is a new approach for managing oral hygiene and dental health," said Laurent Leduc, vice president of Health Frutarom Americas. “We are building a brand of oral cavity probiotics that answers consumers’ health-specific conditions."

It is derived from the beneficial bacteria S. salivarius M18, a proprietary strain of micro-organism that produces the potent BLIS antibacterial molecules, Salivaricins A, 9 and X that actively target and kill pathogens. This allows BLIS M18 to provide a wider range of activity against dental pathogens.

“BLIS M18 also has unique enzyme-producing abilities that help it break up dental plaque and neutralize acid that can be harmful to teeth and gums," Leduc added. “This is a unique attribute of BLIS M18 not found in any other oral probiotics on the market today. BLIS M18 keeps the natural balance of beneficial microorganisms in the oral cavity and maintains oral health."

Because BLIS M18 is an oral cavity probiotic, ideal applications are those that allow direct contact with the mouth, such as: lozenges and chewable tablets, chewing gums, stick packs, fast-melt tablets and powder drinks.

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