Understanding Women—At Least Their Buying Habits

Understanding Women—At Least Their Buying Habits

8/12/2009 3:16:00 PM


Women love their personal care products. They love what they do, or sometimes, what they’re supposed to do. Whether it be youth-driven creams, oil-fighting toners or silky moisturizers—women love buying beauty goods. But a new wave of products, nutricosmetics, is throwing some women for a loop. They are confused and uncertain on what exactly constitutes as a “nutricosmetic”, and the concept of healthy aging in a food or beverage is still unfamiliar to many.

According to The Benchmarking Company’s 2008 Pink Report, “The Age of Naturals,” 91 percent of women don’t know what a nutricosmetic is. But a high amount of women are shopping natural and organic, quickly turning this “fad” into a trend with no signs of slowing.


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