Sun Care

    SKINny Dipping: Natural Skin Care


    As consumers become more conscience of what ingredients their putting on their skin, the demand for natural skin care products continues to rise. Antioxidants, botanicals and essential oils are starting to replace parabens and other synthetic ingredients in the marketplace.  



    To Double Blind or Single Blind, That is the Question


    There are some “Golden Standards” when choosing a study design in the clinical trial arena. Both double and single blind designs are highly regarded, but one may be better than the other.

    Policing UV Protection


    The SPF in your foundation or day cream may not be offering the protection promised, and it may need to be applied more than once a day to be working effectively.

    Mintel Reports on Sun Block

    07/22/2009 – CHICAGO—The days of slathering on thick, white, impossible-to-spread sunscreen are fading away. Mintel Beauty Innovation, which tracks new beauty and personal care launches globally, reported the newest sun-blocking products are much trendier and easier to apply than their predecessors. Spray-on Sunscreen Spray sunscreen hit the market with a splash, promising easier, faster application with…

    Sunscreen SPF Regulations in Europe

    07/09/2009 – KIRKLAND, Wash.—This summer, due to changes in regulations in Europe, consumers will have a more difficult time finding natural sunscreen protection since most manufacturers of natural sunscreen have left the market. However, Lavera beauty brand is offering a full line of natural sunscreen products without the harmful ingredients that may affect hormones or even lead to cardiovascular disease…

    Sunscreen Falsifying SPF Protection

    06/05/2009 – Which?, a product-testing and campaigning charity based out of the United Kingdom, recently tested the SPF of leading sunscreen brands only to find their content did not match their label claim, as reported by….

    A New Perspective on UV Protection

    06/05/2009 – Beachside or poolside with a cocktail in hand and the sun beating down is nothing short of paradise. But cocktailing in the sun does have its risks. Ultraviolet (UV) rays, which I’m sure you’re well aware, are damaging to the skin, and many people miss the mark on sunscreen application. The American Academy of Dermatology reported most people apply less than half of the desirable…

    Sun Care Solutions From Cognis

    05/18/2009 – MONHEIM, Germany—The global sun care market has grown over recent years with higher SPF products becoming increasingly important. Manufacturers looking to meet the needs of the ever more demanding consumer require high-performance ingredients and effective control over their products’ sensory properties. Cognis Care Chemicals aims to help its customers in the sun care market by developing…

    Men—What The Heck Are They Thinking?

    05/18/2009 – What guy doesn’t want to look and feel younger? Now, due to added pressure in the current economic environment, this need is being reinforced more than ever. Many factors are contributing to this rise in pressure. Competition in the workplace is one; the man who comes to work clean shaven and well-put-together is more likely to rise higher and faster or simply keep his job in such a tight…

    Selenium Decreases Risk of Skin Cancer

    05/17/2009 – QUEENSLAND, Australia—A current Australian study found relatively high-serum selenium concentrations are associated with a 60-percent decrease in subsequent tumor incidence of both basal cell carcinoma (BCC) and squamous cell carcinoma (SCC), whereas serum concentrations of carotenoids or alpha-tocopherol were not associated with later skin cancer incidence(Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev….

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