Organic Genie in a Bottle

Organic Genie in a Bottle

8/31/2009 11:58:00 AM


Life would be so much easier if things were always what they seem. No smoke and mirrors, no false promises, trusting people to do what they say they’re going to do, and label claims that actually deliver what they promised. The term cosmeceuticals is a nebulous term, along with natural and organic. They are in desperate need of a makeover and, for the consumer’s sake, a clear, consistent definition.

Many companies have created their own definitions of these terms and it’s creating confusion in the marketplace. Fragrances are also struggling with the natural battle. Essential oils and extracts provide a good base for fragrances, but synthetics are widely used in the fragrance industry. And confusion comes in when companies slap “natural” and “organic” label claims on their bottle and consumers are lead to believer they are getting a product that is synthetic-free.





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