Sensient ~ Expands Natpure Ingredients

Sensient ~ Expands Natpure Ingredients

8/12/2009 10:09:11 AM


KENT, EnglandSensient expanded its range of Natpure natural ingredients to include four new aids to product protection:

Natpure Trap 2009 is a food-grade, biodegradable chelating agent derived from natural renewable sources. It has 3 main properties:

• Important chelating power: Natpure Trap 2009 can combine with metal ions in a wide pH range to form stable complexes in order to avoid precipitation of certain ions. It shows excellent chelating efficiency for iron (III) and copper (II) from pH4 and for all cations from neutral to highly alkaline conditions and is suitable for use in all natural cosmetic formulations.

• Antioxidative and anti-aging activity: Natpure Trap 2009 acts on oxidation promoters for a preventive anti-aging effect. The formation of free radicals – highly reactive chemical species – accelerates skin ageing by generating oxidative reactions which degrade lipidic compounds.

• Color protection: Natpure Trap 2009 has a synergistic effect with the color protector Natpure UV-SORB to prevent fading of dyes.

Natpure UV-SORB is a natural water-soluble color protector based on vegetable active extracts derived from green tea and centella asiatica, which protects natural colors against fading; protects colors, flavors and fragrances in the dark as well as in the presence of UV-visible light; and protects sensitive natural dyes and sensitive synthetic dyes from light.

Natpure ROX is a natural oil-soluble antioxidant based on a renewable source of rosemary extract rich in carnosolic acid. It is more stable than vitamin E and it prevents deterioration of fats and oils in cosmetic products.

Natpure AXP is a natural, water-soluble antioxidant based on spirulina, a microscopic algae extracted primarily from a cyanobacteria, Arthrospira platensis. It is a source of minerals and oligo-elements, which restore the glow to the skin.


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