Synergistic Delivery Offers Cosmeceutical Potential

Nutraceutical ingredients have great potential not only for ingestible products but also when formulated into topical applications, which Shyam Gupta, Ph.D., Bioderm Research, sees as a missed opportunity with great future potential. Dr. Gupta spoke with Heather Granato, Virgo Publishing, during SupplySide West in October 2010 regarding potential for unique formulations and new methodologies to deliver active ingredients.

As an example, Dr. Gupta called out glucosamine, which could be developed in a topical formulation for immediate delivery to an aching joint, coupled with an ingestible product that would work through the digestive system and get into the system hours later. Further, he noted by delivering ingredients through topical application, it can avoid degradation within the gastrointestinal tract, helping ensure all the components are active for the body.

Dr. Gupta also commented on the importance of consumer education, particularly as it relates to the safety of topical products in areas such as preservatives. Addressing misconceptions related to safety can ensure companies can use effective ingredients and avoid poorly preserved products that could have detrimental health effects.