Lucas Meyer Cosmetics ~ Phospholipid-Based Sprays


Spray it, don't say it with sprayable textures—great for sun care products, moisturizing body lotions, hair care and more. The Lab over at Lucas Meyer Cosmetics obtained an efficient natural emulsifying system by combining two phospholipid-based functional ingredients HELIOFEEL™ and ECOGEL™, which enables the formulation of sprayable products. When combined with ECOGEL as a stablizer, HELIOFEEL, a sunflower-based emulsifier, can be used in a natural sprayable fine emulsion.

This system enables all types of oil phases up to 5 percent. Depending on the nature of the oil phase used, the obtained texture and the provided skin feel vary slightly, thus meeting various market needs.

Check out the company's three sprayable formulations developed to show different possibilities, focusing on the use of vegetable oils, esters and silicone as oil phase.


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