Women Want Makeup with Skin Care Benefits


PORT WASHINGTON, N.Y.—Guess what? Women don't just want their lip gloss to add color and shine, or their foundation to lend coverage; they want skin care perks, too. More than eight in 10 (86 percent) women told The NPD Group they use makeup products with skin care benefits. According to the market research firms' Makeup In-Depth Consumer Report 2012, 61 percent of the women surveyed said they use makeup products with benefits that are similar to the ones contained in their skin care products.

Regardless of age, moisturizing and SPF protection are the two most sought after benefits in all makeup products. The age of the makeup user impacts the benefits sought. Older women are more likely to seek products that pack moisturizing and anti-aging benefits, while younger women prefer products that help control oil and acne.

“It can be said that makeup products with skin care benefits create a perception of ‘more bang for the buck,’ and consumers may believe they are getting more value. As such, it could be inferred that women perceive additional value from layering," said Karen Grant, vice president and senior global industry analyst, The NPD Group.

What’s Most Important in a Foundation, Mascara and Lipstick/Lip Gloss?

"Evens out skin tone" is ranked as the most important benefits in a foundation, with more than three-fourths (76 percent) of foundation users today rating this as an important benefit. In addition, "evens out skin tone" is also ranked as the most important foundation benefit by each age and race/ethnic group evaluated. SPF protection, moisturizing and oil-free/won’t clog pores follow, and are ranked among the top five benefits considered important by each age group and race/ethnicity.

When it comes to mascara, consumers tell us that thickening/volume and lengthening are the most important mascara benefits, with more than six in 10 mentions each (63 percent and 62 percent). Anti-clumping follows closely, with 56 percent of mascara users rating the benefit important. Defining (separates lashes) and waterproof or water resistant round out the top five mascara benefits in terms of importance among women overall, as well as among each age and race/ethnicity evaluated.

The most important benefits for a lipstick to have in 2012 is long wearing (74 percent) and moisturizing (68 percent), ranking 1st and 2nd as most important, with significantly higher mentions than any other benefit evaluated. These benefits also rank among the top two most important among each age and race/ethnicity evaluated. Lastly, glossy finish (65 percent) and moisturizing (64 percent) are the two most important benefits that women seek in a lip gloss. These benefits also score much higher than all other benefits evaluated.

“Like other categories within beauty, makeup is characterized by a constant influx of the ‘new,’" Grant said. "Manufacturers and marketers are focused on wooing consumers with new and better products targeting women’s needs. Women are telling NPD what benefits are most important to them and why. Understanding who the makeup user is and what she wants is an important step in making sure new and better products will have enough appeal to entice the makeup user to trial."