Video: The Chemistry of Sunscreen


Now that we're officially six days into summer, the American Chemical Society (ACS) Office of Public Affairs created a trilogy of summer-themed videos, first up—Repelling the Rays: The Chemistry of Sunscreen—explains the chemistry of sunscreen. 

The sun care market is heating up with lots of changes, including: FDA's new sunscreen regulations that include updated claim terminology such as broad spectrum and water resistant, and a cap of SPF 50+;  the recent six-month extension the agency granted to companies who have yet to comply with the updated standards' controversy over ingredients used in sunscreen such as the vitamin A derivative retinyl palmitate; and more.

Nonetheless, sunscreen is, outside of hats and long-sleeved clothing, the only barrier that stands between skin and sun; so no matter of its controversial ingredients or its OK'd claims, sunscreen is a much-needed product. ACS is in the business of educating, and this animated video "explains that sun exposure can lead not only to sunburn and skin cancer, but premature aging that leaves the skin crinkled and wrinkled with unsightly age spots."

Check it out.