Vitiva ~ Substar


MARKOVCI, Slovenia—Looking for a tocopherol replacement? You're in luck. Vitiva  introduced  Substar, an all-natural, oil-soluble, rosemary-based oxidation management system that functions as an alternative for tocopherols in protecting shelf life for a variety of cosmetic products. It's highly deoderized and heat stable, has a light color and does not need to be combined with any additional ingredients for total effectiveness. In side-by-side tests via Rancimat methodology between  Substar  and delta-tocopherols, at the same level of pure active ingredient, Substar showed much greater activity and protection factor.

Unlike traditional rosemary extracts that have high essential oil content, strong odor, bitterness and undesirable color capacity, Substar represents a better solution, given its key advantage, including a  reduced bitterness and flavor.

Substar is specifically designed to be  applied  at its full potential to multiple sensitive applications and products, such as cosmetic oils.