Botaneco ~ HydrePure Retinol


CALGARY, Alberta—Botaneco,  know for its oleosome (naturally occurring spherical structures that have the ability to act as delivery systems for oil-soluble actives) technology, introduced its first product under its newest oleosome-based delivery platform—HydrePure, which is loaded with a variety of actives, including essential oils, fragrances, vitamins and sunscreens—HydrePure Retinol. HydrePure Retinol tackles stability and irritation concerns:

  • HydrePure Retinol consists of 4.5 to 5 percent retinol loaded inside oleosomes, all-natural 1-3 micron spheres of emollient oils and antioxidant vitamin E found naturally in plant seeds. This patented technology serves as the ideal structures for the protection and stabilization of fragile actives like retinol.
  • HydrePure Retinol is proven to be more stable than pure retinol alone, in room temperature and accelerated aging studies (conducted at 45 degrees C). Further, it is believed tHydrePure Retinol can reduced the irritation potential caused by retinol, due to the delayed release of retinol on the skin, in the presence of the rest of the contents of oleosomes.