AGI-Shorewood Earns PANTONE Certified Printer™ Status

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STAMFORD, Conn.—AGI-Shorewood announced its Toronto packaging solutions printing facility obtained its PANTONE Certified Printer™ Status. Pantone LLC is a global leader in color and a provider of professional color standards for the design industries. It introduced the PANTONE Certified Printer Program last year to ensure participating offset printers meet its color consistency and quality standards. The patent-pending program annually audits, inspects, analyzes and qualifies the operations from intake and ink mixing to print production and customer handling, helping ensure designers, brand managers, and print buyers receive accurate print color reproduction, consistent and reliable results and professional service.

“Major brands invest millions on consumer research to ensure their packaging design has maximum impact, and they suffer at retail when there are visual differences at the point of purchase," said Greg Chup, manager of innovation and new product development at AGI-Shorewood. “We’ve been working closely with Pantone over the last two years to create a solution that helps ensure packaging looks identical product to product whether they’re sitting next to each other on the shelf or they’re across the globe from one another."

According to Chup, AGI-Shorewood plans to implement the program in all of its lithographic facilities worldwide. Its Mexico operations in Aguascalientes, for which AGI-Shorewood recently acquired sole interest, is on the table next, followed by its plants in Indianapolis, Ind., and Hendersonville, N.C.