Unipex Adopts New Name, Lucas Meyer Cosmetics


QUEBEC CITY—Unipex Innovations, a subsidiary of the Unipex, introduced its new name—Lucas Meyer Cosmetics—and global brand identity, focusing on its creative materials—state-of-the-art active ingredients combined with innovative delivery systems and biomimetic functional ingredients—fueling its innovation services.

Following the acquisition of Lucas Meyer Cosmetics by Unipex Innovations in July 2011 and a strategic reorganization, the company decided to change its name and update its branding to better reflect its comprehensive portfolio of products and services.

“Unipex Innovations has built a solid reputation as a provider of innovative active ingredients over the past decade," said Antonio Lara VP and general manager of Lucas Meyer Cosmetics. "We want to simplify our offering to customers, and group our teams and proprietary products under one name. The company’s management and ownership, as well as its people and products remain unchanged. Our new name and image reflect our wider array of sophisticated and highly innovative products and services. We’re moving forward by developing the next generation of active ingredients, functional ingredients and delivery systems and by renewing our image."

In addition to the name change, the company is adopting a new design scheme and the “Join the Spirit" tagline, which perfectly reflects the energy, devotion, passion, innovation and team spirit all the employees have for their work, customers and partners.

“Creative, innovative and dynamic, we are constantly moving forward by offering new products and new formulations." said Isabelle Lacasse, marketing director of Lucas Meyer Cosmetics.