L'Oreal Paris ~ EverStrong


PARIS—The new rave in hair care is going sulfate-free. One of the biggest concerns when using sulfates such as sodium lauryl sulfates (SLS) is their drying effect on hair. Check out our slide show on the pros and cons about sulfates if you want to know more. And, on the shelves, you can check out L'Oreal Paris' new sulfate-free fortifying system—EverStrong—is touted to cleanse hair while preserving hair color. The new system is free of harsh chemicals and common detergents, and works to nourish hair by providing moisture.

EverStrong's herbal-scented line includes:

  • Hydrate Shampoo and Hydrate Conditioner: Cleanses and nourishes dry hair with scents from rosemary and juniper.
  • Bodify Shampoo and Bodify Conditioner: Adds body to fine, limp hair to leave it strong and silky. Includes scents from rosemary and juniper.
  • Reconstruct Shampoo and Reconstruct Conditioner: Cleanses damaged hair to help resist breakage and tame frizz. Includes scents from rosemary and juniper.
  • Replenishing Masque: An intensive treatment that deeply nourishes and strengthens hair.
  • Overnight Repair Treatment: A quick-absorbing leave-in formula that penetrates the hair fiber over night to strengthen and repair damaged hair.