in-cosmetics' Gold Award Goes to … Lucas Meyer Cosmetics


BARCELONA, Spain—Last night at in-cosmetics' Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Awards, Lucas Meyer Cosmetics was awarded  Gold on not only one, but two of its new ingredients—Progeline™, a three amino-acids peptide biomimetic of an elafin, an elastase inhibitor produced by keratinocyte that helps fight aging; and ADIPOFILL™, an anti-aging ingredient derived from vegetable glucose obtained by biotechnology.

“Having been up against some tough competition, we’re thrilled to have won this coveted award," said Isabelle Lacasse, Lucas Meyer Cosmetics. "It’s been a busy year for us, so to receive such recognition is terrific."

Silver prize went to Mibelle Biochemistry for DermCom, which was awarded Inside Cosmeceuticals' Ingredient of the Week, as well. LIPOTEC took bronze with its hydrating ingredient Hyanify™—an exopolysaccharide obtained through biotechnological processes from a marine bacterial strain.

Lucy Gillam, event director for in-cosmetics, said: “With such a high caliber of finalists, a lot of thought went into whittling it down to our winners, who are shining examples of new cosmetic innovation in 2012. We are delighted to recognize the industry’s budding talent, and look forward to seeing how all of our finalists progress from here."