Benefit Cosmetics® Tells Its Story at Tribeca Film Festival


NEW YORK—Jean & Jane Ford, co-founders of Benefit Cosmetics, are debuting a documentary film, created by DDB and Tribal, about their cosmetic company’s evolution from a single storefront in San Francisco to the international beauty presence it maintains today during the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival. From the beauty brand that approaches everything with a wink and a sense of humor, Glamouriety tells the history of how Benefit Cosmetics’  beauty products came to be, and the wit and whimsy of these identical twins who started it all more than 30 years ago.

“For us, Glamouriety is more than a film; it’s the story of our lives and what became Benefit’s business plan and inspiration," said Jane Ford. “We’re hoping the film will give all the beauty gals in the audience a better understanding of the wild ride our beauty career took us on, literally from farm to fame, and how we were able to do it the whole time with a lip-glossed smile on our face."

Running the gamut from animation to acrobatics, Glamouriety is presented in true variety show format interspersed with live-action bits, musical acts and performances to showcase the dynamic, ambitious, rambunctious and hilarious co-founders of one of the world’s most beloved makeup brands and why they’ve become every beauty gal’s best friend.

“We really want to connect with our customer beyond their makeup bag," said Jean Ford. “We want them to truly know us, our story and how our personalities and life experience have informed the brand that they love. We are two real women who wanted to look pretty, have fun doing it and now with Glamouriety we’ll have to opportunity to share with our customers how we pulled it all off."

The brainchild of these identical twin sisters, Benefit Cosmetics thrives on a quirky sensibility—a "laughter is the best cosmetic" policy that's an extension of the founders' own lighthearted approach to life. After pursuing a short-lived career in modeling in New York where they landed a Calgon bath beads commercial, the sisters made their way to San Francisco. There these Indiana-born ladies launched their beauty empire in the late seventies. Building a cult following for their one of a kind beauty “fix-its and fake its," Jean & Jane set their sights on department store distribution in 1990. In 1997, the brand went global opening its first counter in the U.K. and attracting the attention of the world’s leading luxury product group, LVMH. In 1999 the brand was acquired by LVMH and was catapulted into a global beauty presence with counters in over 34 countries worldwide and growing.

Co-hosted by The Society of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Associate Committee Members Allison Aston, Shoshanna Gruss and Cynthia Smith, the event will take place at the Tribeca Grand Hotel, on April 25 during the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival. 

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