BASF Launches New Initiatives at in-Cosmetics Barcelona


in-cosmetics Barcelona was home to an array of new ingredient and concept launches. In addition to DSM, Beraca and Ashland Specialty Ingredients, BASF showcased its newest innovation for the personal care and cosmetic market.

Sun Protection

This year's in-focus theme was Solar Beauty, and in honor of that BASF presented its latest sun care formulations and UV filters—Clear Spray SPF 30 and BB Desert Dune Foundation, SPF 20 combine optimum UV protection with an appealing texture, good absorption and a superior sensory profile.

Lifestyle Cosmetics

BASF introduced attendees to its communication concept My Lifestyle. The concept's focuses on the different lifestyles of consumers according to their personalities and consumer behavior, as their desire to fit in while retaining their individuality has an impact on their lifestyle, priorities and interests. Using the solutions introduced in this concept, BASF helps customers to meet the specific demands of each consumer group. For example, consumers in the High-flyer group are looking for products with high-performance properties, the Eco-Ethical group values sustainable products and the Urban Youth group seeks out contemporary, stylish products.

Hair Care

For ethnic hair (think curly hair that wants to not only be straightened, but conditioned, protected and strengthened), the company launched Plantasil Relaxcare®, great for lye relaxer formulations, and improving both the mechanical stability and tactile properties of the relaxed hair.


Two new shades were introduced to its Timica® Pigments portfolio composed of natural mineral mica and titanium dioxide. They work well in radiance lotions, shampoos, body washes, liquid soaps and nail polishes, offering both color and aesthetics.

Beauty Creations

Beauty Creations is BASF's newest solution to inspire beauty. Focusing on the skin and hair care market, the BASF cosmetic active ingredients business develops and manufactures cosmetic active ingredients as well as smart delivery system technologies especially designed to address key corrective actions in skin and hair care categories. In-depth research in skin pigmentation, skin aging, protection against environmental stress, modulation of hair growth, skin architecture as well as unique R&D capabilities makes them the partner of choice for actively inspiring beauty.

New Study on Reducing Age Spots

Reduction of the age spots consists of decreasing the melanin present in the skin, preventing its formation and diminishing its transport. Actiwhite™ is a synergistic complex of sucrose dilaurate and pea extract that offers the decisive advantage to combine rapidly visible in vivo effectiveness on both skin lightening and reduction of age spots, also in compliance with Asian regulatory requirements and high-cutaneous tolerance. In addition to its previously demonstrated efficacy on skin lightening, the new carried out clinical tests have highlighted its capability to visibly reduce the contrast between the skin tone and the hyperpigmented age spot area in 14 days. After two months of treatment, an evaluation by a dermatologist showed noticeable decrease in age spots amount and remaining age spots were faded out and smaller. Actiwhite is a preservative-free ingredient, which conforms to the ECOCERT standard of natural and organic cosmetics.