Evocutis Joins IVTIP for Animal Testing Alternative Technology


WEST YORKSHIRE, England—Evocutis—advanced laboratory and clinical evaluations of skin care products—was accepted as a member of the In Vitro Testing Industrial Platform (IVTIP), who promotes R&D efforts focused on alternatives to animal testing and works in an advisory capacity to the European Commission, following a presentation by Evocutis of its skin equivalent technology, LabSkin™.

“We are delighted such a distinguished body as the IVTIP recognizes the value of LabSkin in the product development process," said Stephen Jones, CEO of Evocutis. "Sophisticated model systems such as LabSkin are able to provide substantial amounts of valid safety and claims‐support data for skin care products without the need to resort to animal testing. The staged introduction of the ban on animal testing for cosmetic products and ingredients over the last few years has given impetus to the development of alternative in vitro methods."

Richard Bojar, CSO of Evocutis, commented: “Evocutis is committed to further developing LabSkin to provide a portfolio of testing capabilities to the industry. We have already moved from using skin equivalents for basic toxicology assays to producing validated methods using LabSkin™ for microbiology and anti‐ageing data. We are currently developing phototoxicity, moisturisation, inflammation and wound‐healing assays using the LabSkin platform, which will become available in the coming months. These developments demonstrate the flexibility of the technology and will allow a more uniform approach to material testing."