CLR ~ Belides™ NP


Ask any woman with hyperpigmentation and she’ll tell you what a pain dark spots are. Problem is many lightening products on the market today have hydroquinone, which has a history of turning skin blue (fun, right?!). So finding an active ingredient that doesn’t turn skin a shade of the rainbow is key.

Chemisches Laboratorium (CLR) introduced Belides™NP, a skin-lightening agent derived from daisy flowers (Bellis perennis) that reduces melanin production and promotes even pigmentation in age spots and influences various pathways involved in melanogenesis. It’s preservatives-free according to the EU Cosmetic Directive 76/768/EEC standards; and for stability reasons it contains small amounts of ethanol, phenethyl alcohol, glycerin and Melissa officinalis.

In in vitro assays Belides NP significantly reduced the biosynthesis of melanin in non-stimulated human melanocytes, reduced the expression of (endothelin-1) ET-1 in human keratinocytes, irrespective of whether or not they were stimulated with IL-1. It also bound itself to MC-1R, therefore the ligand–receptor interaction with the melanocyte-stimulating hormone, alpha-MSH, was decreased. Tyrosinase synthesis decreased in addition to a significant reduction in enzymatic activity.

In vitro results demonstrated BelidesNP acted as a functional ingredient at different stages of melanogenesis. By influencing pathways of action before, during, and after melanin synthesis, Belides NP effectively reduced skin pigmentation.