The Sun is Shining at in-cosmetics Barcelona


BARCELONA, Spain—in-cosmetics Barcelona, April 17 to 19, is not only bringing the beach to attendees for its Solar Beauty-themed in-focus, it will be host to a high-profile Scientific Seminar, Panel Discussions and an Innovation Zone all focused on sun care.

The real-life beach created inside the Gran Via Exhibition Centre will be the centerpiece of the in-focus program. It will house a full-scale innovation platform, combining different interactive and entertaining areas, designed to help industry players evaluate the latest developments and anticipate future trends. 

An AdGallery on the history of sun care, charting the evolution of advertising campaigns from the 1930s to the present day will take centre stage alongside a SkinClinic run by SkinLabs, with experts who will screen visitors’ skin and diagnose potential damage due to UV exposure. 

In addition, NanoWorld, organized by EcoMundo, will update visitors on the lifecycle of nanoparticles in a sun protection cream—from design to waste—and their regulatory status around the world, while Attraction and Planetinnov’s WebInsight will reveal the results of an exclusive study on nanoparticles in sunscreen and how they are viewed by different online communities. 

Meanwhile, for those wanting to relax and refresh, a beauty bar will offer visitors the opportunity to sample a selection of SolarDrinks. Don't worry about getting lost. A dedicated Solar Beauty Trail will also be outlined on the in-cosmetics website and in a guide distributed at the event.

Away from the beach, the in-focus educational program will host a high-profile Scientific Seminar entitled “Spotlight on Sun Protection" on April 17 from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. The Seminar will provide an opportunity to learn about the work being done by the International Standard Organization (ISO) cosmetic committee on sunscreen. With the publication of the ISO 24442 – 24443 and 24443 dealing with UVA in vivo and in vitro, and UVB in vitro protection methods the world is now in the process of using a single method to determine SPF or UVA PF; a big change compared to the five to six methods available previously. Philippe Masson, chair of the Sunscreen Working Group and Dominique Lutz, general manager at Helioscreen will update the participants. Regulations governing sun protection products and sunscreens in the EU, United States and Asia Pacific will be reviewed by Anne-Gael Glevarec from DSM and Alain Khaiat from Seers Consulting; giving visitors the latest updates in these important markets. Uli Osterwalder from BASF will provide insight into the trends affecting the industry over the coming months and the seminar will conclude with an overview of the use of nanoparticles in sun protection.

Two Panel Discussions inspired by the in-focus theme of Solar Beauty will take place in the Marketing Trends Theatre.  The first will center on consumer education, taking a close look at how best to manage consumer information.  Panel members, including Patricia Pineau at L’Oreal, Marc Pissavini at Coty Lancaster, Benoît Escoffier at Oenobiol and Catherine Franck at Plannetinov will offer advice on how to deal with the widespread misconceptions about sun protection whilst answering questions on safety issues in the age of Web 2.0. 

A second panel discussion will debate the promises of nanoparticles and beyond. Although they have been responsible for some of the most significant breakthroughs in sun-protection innovation, the use of nanoparticles has raised some concerns among consumers and regulatory bodies. The differing schools of thought will be investigated by experts, including Uli Ostervalder at BASF, Marc Pissivani at Coty Lancaster, Dr. Olivier Le Curieux-Belfond at EcoMundo. The discussion will be moderated by Karl Lintner well known for its vivifying views on innovation.

On the Innovation Zone, Mintel Beauty & Personal Care will shine a light on innovation in sun care from around the world. Twice a day, Mintel's beauty analysts will offer interactive product demonstrations that showcase how ingredients, packaging and claims in sun care differ from the East and West. 

“With in-cosmetics being hosted in Barcelona this year, and sun protection being so high up on the industry’s agenda, it made perfect sense for the theme of in-focus to be Solar Beauty," said Cathy Laporte, group marketing manager for in-cosmetics. "The Beach will provide a perfect central attraction at the show, guiding visitors through the ‘solar beauty maze’ and enabling them to learn about the very latest research, services and innovation in the sun care industry in a very topical environment."