ProGDerm Partnership Aids Topical Tech


BOSTON–ProGDerm Inc. partnered with a global specialty chemicals company to create new bioactive reagents for the use in topical cosmetics designed to enhance the appearance of skin against aging, sun damage and other factors.

The ProGDerm technology offers a biologic approach to generate subcutaneous fat to enhance the appearance of skin using the body’s own processes. As a person gets older, subcutaneous fat is lost as part of the normal processes causing wrinkles and other signs of aging. ProGDerm scientists discovered that modulating certain proteins could permit controllable regrowth of the person’s own subcutaneous fat in targeted areas to help restore a youthful appearance without artificial dermal fillers.

“Our partner brings considerable knowledge and resources directly relevant to advancing this technology," said ProGDerm’s general manager, Marc Eichenberger. "We look forward to a productive relationship that will yield new active ingredients for products that will significantly improve skin’s appearance."

ProGDerm was formed by Allied Minds based on technology originally developed at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. The founders and inventors are developing the technology through research, collaborations and partnerships with leading companies and research institutions. Allied Minds is a private equity-funded innovation company that forms, funds, manages and builds startups based on early-stage technology developed at U.S. universities and national labs.

Allied Minds has been supporting ProGDerm technology development since 2008.