Oat Cosmetics' Peptide Retains Hair Color, Improves Strength


HAMPSHIRE, England—Oat Cosmetics released new results on its CP Sweet Blue Lupin Peptides (CP SBLP) and its ability to not only retain hair color fastness, but improve  hair strength and flexibility. After undergoing testing by an academic body, the ECOCERT-certified natural ingredient was able to keep color vibrant for up to 30 washes, in addition to reinforcing the disulphide bonds in damaged hair maintaining shine and condition.

Two tresses were treated: one with 1 percent active solution of CP SBLP and the other with water.   The tresses were washed with clarifying shampoo and rinsed with tap water. Each tress was measured for color intensity in five different places. CP SBLP was equivalent to the best synthetic alternatives, showing 24 percent improvement over the water control after 10 washes, and 13 percent after 30. CP Sweet Blue Lupin is also capable of penetrating the hair, thereby increasing shaft strength and flexibility.

During the extraction process, CP SBLP has been precisely filtered to ensure a specifically targeted range of molecular weights, which ensures no film build up after continuous applications, giving the hair a healthy feel. It is prepared from a purified protein source with low amino acid activity. This ensures formulators have an ingredient that exhibits good shelf life and efficacy, and is easy to use.