Mouvement Infini ~ Or Infini


PARIS—If you haven’t read Inside Cosmeceuticals’ newest Top 10 Trends in Cosmeceuticals  report on sustainability you should, because it will show you sustainability is no longer a movement—it’s a way of life. As soon as you’re done reading that you may want to check out Mouvement Infini, a consortium of manufacturers and cosmetic suppliers devoted to showing the industry how to create sustainable beauty and fragrance products. This mega group will change your mind about natural, eco-friendly and all of the above. Its latest ECOCERT-certified endeavor, Or Infini, is an eco fragrance and package concept in one.

The Packaging

Aesthetically, the triangular-shaped packaging (with a carbon footprint of 12-percent less than standard packaging) sparkles with splattered stars on pale lavender (exterior) and midnight brown (interior). Finnish-based Metsä Board supplied the lightweight, PEFC-certified cartonboard, Carta Elega. What’s cool about this material is it’s not only sustainable produced, but it reduces the weight of the box set by more than 10 percent compared to other like materials. Wauters did the FSC/PEFC-certified printing; and Sylvie de France Designer is responsible for the design.

Made from domestic cullet—scraps of broken or wasted glass—the glass bottle (by SGD) is 100-percent recycled and recyclable. The Nea lotion pump protects the fragrance with an easy-to-use design supplied by Rexam and is topped off with a 100-percent recycled PET cap (by VPI) made from collected plastic bottles.

The Fragrance

The fragrance, created by Mane, combines a floral, fruity aroma with notes of vanilla and almond using 100-percent natural ingredients. It’s formulated by Strand Cosmetics Europe according to ECOCERT guidelines.