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Sauvignon Blanc for Sun Care


HAMILTON, New Zealand—According to research conducted by AgResearch, an extract from Marlborough, New Zealand-grown Sauvignon Blanc grape seeds (as Oxifend®, from New Zealand Extracts) shows promise in both sun protection and anti-aging.

Technologies developed for mapping UV damage in wool keratins and meat collagens were utilized to evaluate the protective effect of the grape seed extract on skin keratins and collagens.

“We were surprised by how effective grape seed extracts are at combating protein damage from UV rays on skin. A protective effect was observed right down at the protein level, with mitigation of oxidative damage. This significant discovery is likely to have a huge benefit particularly given increasing concerns around UV rays," said AgResearch senior scientist Jolon Dyer, Ph.D.

The results revealed damage at the molecular level was reduced or lessened when the grape seed extract was applied to the skin. “

“We were able to look at oxidative damage across the skin proteins, including amino acids that are particularly sensitive to UV damage," Dyer said. “Importantly, the preliminary results indicate a significant reduction in the level of oxidation in the skin proteins."

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