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PCHi Releases 2012 Program


BEIJING—Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions (RSE) announced the most up-to-date conference program for PCHi 2012 held in Shanghai at the World Expo Theme Pavilion, Hall 3, from Feb. 27 to Feb. 29, 2012. Next year’s conference will feature the widest scope of topics yet, providing local and international participants with a solid professional platform to gather and exchange market insights. Industry experts will share knowledge on pertinent issues in personal care product development to keep attendees up-to-date on current industry needs.

As a directive event, the PCHi 2012 conference program will cover a myriad of subjects, comprising five key topics: Technology, Formulators’ Workshop, Marketing Trends, New Technology Session and Regulatory Summit. Three of these tracks include contemporary sub-themes that will allow delegates to gain deeper knowledge about the latest trends in technology, marketing trends, working with European and North American businesses, as well as China’s regulatory framework.


Glowing Skin, Healthy Hair

Skin care and hair care are the largest segments within the Chinese cosmetics and toiletries (C&T) market, garnering sales that exceed 50 percent of the personal care product market in the country. Under this topic, participants will explore new formulations that various companies have produced in recent months in keeping with consumer demands.

Color, the New Black

In the past, Chinese ladies reserved color cosmetics for special occasions; but in the continued pursuit of enhancing their looks, women are increasingly adding color to their faces. This conference track takes a look at revolutionary color cosmetic ingredients that brands employ as they seek to woo customers with innovative products.

Marketing Trends

The Green Wave

Consumers are now more mindful about the impact of their purchases on the environment, so there is a growing preference for personal care products with natural ingredients. Marketing experts will impart knowledge on how brands should position their organic products effectively in order to cater to the desires of eco-conscious customers.

Beyond Borders

Many domestic companies seek to expand their reach by working with foreign companies, whether as an ingredients supplier or by manufacturing products on the MNC’s behalf. This conference topic will see industry professionals sharing tips on how local businesses can market themselves better, as well as secrets to securing sales pitches.

Regulatory Summit

Entering the China Market

The Chinese C&T market has attracted the attention of numerous international manufacturers because of its large consumer base and huge potential for growth. But before breaking new ground, it is important for companies to understand what is required of them, making this conference topic a must-attend for entities that desire to establish their businesses in the country.

Regulatory Update

In order to achieve a robust regulatory framework for the industry, SFDA China refreshes industry regulations on a regular basis. Delegates will hear from representatives of the governing body about recent changes that have been implemented during the past year in order to keep relevant manufacturers well-informed of regulations that matter.

Formulators’ Workshop

The Formulators’ Workshop will feature live demonstrations and a hands-on session for formulators and laboratory researchers to learn from experts.

New Technology Session

Held on the show floor of PCHi 2012, various exhibitors will have the opportunity to prominently highlight the science and innovation behind their latest product technologies to exhibition visitors. This session is open to all at the trade show.

The call for papers for PCHi’s 2012 conference program has been announced. To register interest and submit research abstracts for the various available speaking opportunities, email [email protected] by Dec. 9, 2011.

Daniel Chan, project director, PCHi, said, “PCHi strives to provide personal care and homecare companies with an international platform from which they can glean insights about latest trends, and I am pleased that past delegates have always left our conference sessions with positive reviews. We are excited about continuing with this tradition of facilitating content exchange regarding key and growing market segments, and look forward to engaging even more attendees at PCHi Conference 2012."


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