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L’Oréal Removing All Endocrine Disruptors from its Products


CLICHY, France—As a result of its sustainable developmental efforts and its consciousness of increasing concerns regarding the potential of some substances to disrupt hormone balance, L’Oréal made this a focal point of its research efforts and is therefore seeking to remove all endocrine disruptors from its products.

“With this end in view, all new raw materials are tested in advance in order to determine any potential interaction with certain biological receptors," the Company said. “This assessment, relying on a whole range of in vitro tools combining cellular tests and reconstructed-skin, allows us to identify any early biological activity that indicates potential interference by the ingredient with mechanisms involved in endocrine disruption. If such a case is identified, the ingredient in question is withdrawn and structure-activity programs are launched.

“The assessment of ingredients already present in the portfolio is also underway. Ingredients that give rise to justifiable doubt are withdrawn. This was the case with DEP, triclosan and long-chain parabens and the removal of these from the portfolio is almost complete. Certain development projects have been discontinued as a result of these test findings.

“R&I has also continued its research effort aimed at gaining a better understanding of the endocrine disruption mechanism and developing predictive and assessment methods related to this phenomenon and its impact on human and environmental health. New techniques identified and recommended in the ToxCast program were assessed in 2010."

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