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Planet Botanicals ~ African Collection, Fair Trade Certified™ Ethiopian Coffee Scrub


WESTBROOK, Maine—Planet Botanicals launched its African Collection as well as an award-winning, antioxidant-rich Fair Trade Certified™ Ethiopian Coffee Scrub. The product combines Ethiopian organic coffee with selected organic peppermint for an exfoliating, foaming scrub. Additionally, the company launched its African Collection, a full line of all-natural, plant-based, USDA certified organic face and body creams, balms and scrubs.

The Ethiopian Coffee used in this scrub is certified by Fair Trade USA. Planet Botanicals pays a fair trade premium, a portion of which is invested by the coffee cooperatives in education, health and infrastructure improvements in their coffee-growing communities. “When we discovered this coffee, we knew that it would not only be a wonderful exfoliator, but that the fair trade premium would help support the communities where it is grown", said Michele Gilfoil, president of Planet Botanicals.

The African Collection features fresh essential oil aromas and plant-based ingredients sourced directly from growers in Africa. Among the new products launched are cocoa butter body cream with a natural chocolate aroma, virgin coconut body cream and shea butter hand creams made with 20-percent Ugandan shea butter. Planet Botanicals skin care line consists of rare plant-based, all-natural ingredients. Its African Collection uses special African fruit oils and botanicals such as baobab, marula, coconut, kigelia and rooibos, plus rare Ugandan shea butter, prized for its luxurious soft and absorbent qualities and made by women’s cooperatives. USDA organic certification for many of its body and face products including rooibos tea body washes, Ugandan shea butter balms and African fruit body oils, ensures premium quality for the company's cosmetic products.

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