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Amazing Grass ~ GREENSuperFood Antioxidant and Greens Powder


SAN FRANCISCO—Amazing Grass introduced GREENSuperFood Antioxidant and Greens Powder with antioxidants to support healthy skin. One scoop of Amazing Grass's GREENSuperFood Antioxidant and Greens Powder has 15,000 ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) units. Using a combination of five key antioxidant blends made from high-quality fruits, vegetables and herbs, the product helps the body defend against the effects of free radicals and supports healthier skin and a strong immune system. Certain phytonutrients and vitamins, such as those within the Amazing Grass GREENSuperFood blend, remove free radicals and convert them to harmless waste that gets eliminated from the body before they can do damage.

Another beauty benefit of Amazing Grass GREENSuperFood is its role in balancing pH and detoxifying. Many foods, the air we breathe and the stress of our everyday lives creates acids in our body. The consumption of meat, dairy, fruit and processed foods leave our body’s pH in an acidic state, slowing metabolism and draining energy. Wheat grass and many of the other greens in Amazing Grass GREENSuperFood are alkaline, and they help neutralize acids and bring the pH top a healthier state.

Amazing Grass GREENSuperFood offers consumers convenience nutrition any time of day. The company selected nutritious organic vegetables, cereal grasses, algae, antioxidant rich fruits, probiotics and immune boosting support herbs to create a pleasant-tasting drink powder that mixes easily with water, juice or smoothies.  

All Amazing Grass products are made in the United States and are non-dairy, non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free and do not contain soy lecithin fillers. The GREENSuperFood Antioxidant and Greens Powder is sold in containers and in single serve packets. 

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