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Kemin Talks Lutein, Preservation at HBA Global


DES MOINES, Iowa— Jennifer Igou, technical sales manager, Kemin Personal Care; and Satish Nayak, director of research and development, Kemin Personal Care will be presenting at HBA Global Expo on the skin benefits of lutein, a carotenoid know mainly for its role in eye health; and the role of natural preservatives in cosmetic formulations and as a solution to meeting consumers’ natural demands, respectively.


Lutein, detected in high amount in ocular tissue, has also been detected in significant quantities in skin tissue. Like the eyes, the skin may benefit from this natural deposition of lutein. Therefore, the role of lutein in skin health is an emerging and exciting area of research. Premature skin aging caused by a lifetime of damaging environmental exposure can appear in the form of wrinkles, dryness, sagging, discoloration and cancers of the skin. These effects on the skin are generally a result of the formation of free radicals. Antioxidants naturally present in human skin, such as lutein, provide some protection from these free radicals generated by environmental conditions.  

A majority of clinical research reporting lutein’s beneficial effects as an antioxidant for skin health has been based on ingestible forms of lutein. A clinical study conducted by Pierfrancesco Morganti, Ph.D., professor of applied cosmetic dermatology at the University of Naples, investigated the ability of FloraGLO® Lutein, when administered in both topical and/or ingestible forms to improve skin hydration, skin lipid content, skin elasticity, lipid peroxidation,and photoprotective activity in the skin.  The study concluded FloraGLO Lutein, topical and/or ingested, had a positive impact on these parameters.  

Preservation—Natural with Science

As consumers become more educated about the ingredients used in their personal care products, they begin to scrutinize them on a higher level. Research shows consumers want to be assured the products they are purchasing are comprised of safe, environmentally friendly and sustainable ingredients. 

Preservatives are used to keep the integrity of a formulation intact; however, synthetic antimicrobial and anti-rancidity agents have recently been linked with negative consumer perception. As formulators and manufactures respond to changing consumer preference, use of natural ingredients has been on the rise. In the past, natural ingredients have been questioned as an alternative to synthetics due to efficacy in formulation. When scientifically tested head to head, however, there are many natural alternatives that are at least as efficacious as synthetic. In addition, natural ingredients may seem cost prohibitive, but research has indicated consumers expect to pay a premium for natural products. 

Consumers are driving changes in formulation of personal-care products. The biggest concern to the consumer is safety of the product, whether preserved with natural or synthetic ingredients.  Our challenge from the industry is to meet the consumer demands without compromising product performance.


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